Cleared ITIL Examination of Monday

It great ­to clear the ITIL Foundation Exin-117 examination on Monday. It was 2 week journey for deciding to prepare for exam to exam itself.

For those of my friends, who are preparing for ITIL foundation, here are some tips you. I have not taken any classes for ITIL foundation. I relied on the material available online for clearing the exams.

First, there is great article on the web for ITIL foundation at which will resolve most of the quires.

I then enroll for free ITIL training, It gave me pdf and series of Video to watch. But, videos where boring and I couldn’t have any sense out of ITIL service management. Luckily, I got a torrent link which gave the “ITIL v3 – The Art of Service Online Learning Videos” and full course. This is wonderful course, which made sense to most of the things. But, warning here, these course in obsolete. It base on ITIL v3 2009 format. ITIL v3 was revised in 2011 and now, instead of v2 and v3, it just single version of ITIL in English @ September 2012 known as ITIL.

So, If you are really interested with the up to date version of ITIL 2011, buy it just USD 99, and is worth the very cent you spend on it. Here, my point of view, foundation exam will cost around USD 200, it worth to spend USD 100 for it to pass in first attempt.

In Mumbai, ITIL exam can be taken by either prometric, Pearson Vue or give exam from your own laptop with exin anywhere exam. For more information on Exin anywhere exam, refer

I had given to Prometric because it cheapest among all the options, US 99. I chose Prometric center at TALENT EDGE FROM KARROX, 7TH FLR, BHAVESHWAR ARCADE, L.B.S.ROAD, GHATKOPAR WEST, MUMBAI, 400086 India. As for the feedback on the center, it was great, they had my booking in advance. When, I went to center, they straight away put me to test, and once complete, they hand me the result. Tip here, as Prometric center require two ID of you which has photo, address and signature. I took mine Passport and driving license. In order to save time, I took photocopy (Xerox) of the same, so, when they ask for it, I just hand over to them, which save the time (15 mins) for taking them the photocopy, and when straight to exam terminal

One more point here, when you go to prometric site for booking ITIL exam, it will redirect you to This site will give you booking option for Exin Anywhere exam which will cost you USD 179 (price @ Sep 2012). But, click on start here, which will redirect to prometric exam site, which direct to choose ITIL exam through Prometric, which cost USD 99.



That’s all for the center, also, as for the study material, Art of service material was sufficient for preparation. If you want more information, there is official guide OGC ITIL v3 Service Lifecycle Introduction ITIL. It contains maps, flowcharts and diagrams, which give you good visualization about the ITIL process. Also, material mention on ITSkeptic site ( like ITIL process wiki and so on will help you understand you understand ITIL process responsibility and how they stich in one and other. Even, how ITIL phase like Service Strategy, Design, Transaction, Operation work together and how CSI play important role in each phase. I was surprise to find Service Level Management, which as per ITIL definition, belong to Service Design phase, plays important role in all phases. See following link for more information,

Another word of caution, many of the material you get on the net, would be of ITIL v3 2009 version, not of 2011 version. Even thought, 2011 version, is just update of v3 2009, and hence, many of concepts (90%) still hold true, and can pass exam really on that material. But, there are some pdfs available and even video by which give the difference between two

But, just preparation won’t pass exam, like very competitive exam, you need to give mock test to judge yourself and pass. I got the vce from exam It got from which contain latest 153 question and would definitely help you to pass exam if you give this exam couple of times.
Just piece of advice here, when giving mock exam, remember, you get the concept behind question rather than just remembering answer, as in real exam, wording may change, but, concept and context will remain same.

That’s all from my side for preparation of ITIL foundation exam, do leave comments if you like this article or have any queries and feedback for it.

1 thought on “Cleared ITIL Examination of Monday

  1. sonu


    Nice Blog. I want to go for ITIL Foundation. Intend to go for classroom prep course. it is of two days and on the 2nd day, I need to sit for the exam. The inst is in delhi and authroised by Acquiros (formerly known as CSME). Iam working in an IT org but yes aware of few concepts (some 30% ) but not all. Training inst name is trainings 24×7, delhi

    do you think will it be a good decision to go for exam on 2nd day.



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