Working with Azure Container Service

However, you have wonder about the lesser known Microsoft Azure Container Service (ACS), and would be wondering about what is ACS

Here the ACS in the nutshell

  • Makes simpler to Create , Configure and Manage a cluster of machines which are preconfigured to run containerized applications
  • Uses optimized configuration of scheduling and orchestration tools
    ACS leverages Docker container format
  • Simplifies the creation of the cluster by providing ‘Wizard’ style
    rather than setting up and configuring the set of co-ordinated machines and software on top of Azure Platform
  • Supports two platforms
  • Docker Swarm to scale to hundreds or thousands of containers
  • Marathon and DC/OS
  • Built on top of Azure VM Scale Sets

What, Why and How


What: Azure Container Service is open source container orchestration system.

Why: It is used to deploy and manage dockerize container within the data center.

How: It does orchestration either by using Docker Swarm or Apache Mesos

Where it helps

Where it helps.png

Where it helps2

Where it helps3

There are two ways to work in ACS


Docker Swarm and Mesos are the orchestrators, which in plain English tell host system which container to host where.

You can view the animated slides at

I would be posting more information regarding this in the following post to come



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